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The wacky yolkful, eggciting, egghunt adventure available on AR mobile devices, filled with lots of freneggtic eggstravaganza with a pinch of challenging cuteness.


TibbAR its one of the insignia AR projects developed by the “Iconic Lab” team. The project was born in creative freedom pushing the possibilities of working on a AR environment. TibbAR is mostly inspired by the Easter Egg Hunt season, which would allowed to reach a very wide audience showing a glance of the capabilities on making digital products for people’s enjoyment.

Made with Unity, ARKit, AR Core for Android and iOS


Ar first the gameplay was inspired by “Whac-a-mole” kind of games but the main goal of smashing colorful eggs spreaded out on a 360 environment.

Once we had the premise for the game, we started to add more wacky, challenging elements on the road, such as magic eggs that can boost the player’s score and health, rotten eggs being thrown and many more challenges.


The main goal is collect all the eggs that come out from the ground, Each egg sums points which feed the health bar. There are special eggs with power ups that boost the collecting experience. At the same time the player must avoid getting hit by Tibb by catching or dodging the eggs he throws.


To take the most out of AR, the game is designed in a way, that the whole player’s environment is augmented. Constantly searching for special eggs, that may spawn anywhere around the area, becomes a highly rewarding skill; as is, trying to evade the eggs thrown by Tibb. Who can even appear behind the player.

Tip: Visual cues and sounds help the player identify whenever Tibb appears out of sight.


If surviving against Tibb’s attacks, while collecting as many eggs as possible to get the best high score, isn’t challenging enough. The player can try to complete optional rounds of challenges, ranging from time survival to collecting an specific amount of power up eggs, or even stunning Tibb certain amount of times, in one run. The Power-Ups system allows the player to exchange the collected eggs from his runs, for more powerful eggs. This Power-Ups can help the player in a whole plethora of ways, from helping you survive longer, getting double amount of eggs, slow down time and even collect all eggs on the field at once.


The first pass on Tibb’s design was very gentile and innocent. In a way we realized that it wasn’t what we were aiming for. We decided to keep exploring through several sketches until we shaped a character that fitted a personality that was fun and cute but in a way cheeky and grumpy as well.


Tibb Character Modeling and Rigging

Tibb Character Animation


For the UI the team decided to experiment with handcrafted techniques to get a real life paper look. For a first pass all the buttons and components where hand-cut and photographed. For some other graphics there’s a mix between paper textures and digital illustrations.


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